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H.JAMES Yelland

Social Media Management | Web Design | Web Development | Video for the Web

About James Projects

About James

Creative Professional. It's What I Do.

Strong focus on Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Development plus Video For The Web. University Program Graduate with Experience and proven track record.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Web Design & Development

Custom Video & Editing For The Web

H.James Yelland

Social Media Management | Web Design & Development | Video For The Web

Graduate from McMaster University's Web Design & Development Program

Motion and Special Effects using After Effects - BCIT

JavaScript and jQuery - BCIT

Marketing - SFU

Member - Google Campus London UK

Audio - TRW London UK

Social Media & Marketing - McMaster University

Social Media Management

It's all about building relationships and adding value.

As building, maintaining and growing brand relationships is the core of marketing, social media marketing is just the next evolutionary step. It’s where your clients are. As a student of McMaster Universities Marketing Program, I pay close attention to the proven strategies behind Social Media Marketing and implementation at a high level.

L.A. Gold Records

Remote Session Recording Tech Company.

L.A. Gold Record
Social Media Management

Jessica Specter

Market Leader in Audio Functionality Tools for Professional Musicians.

Radial Engineering
Marketing Team & Social Media Coordinator

Lynda Smith

Market Leader in acoustic solutions for residential, commercial & studio requirements.

Social Media coordinator

Lynda Smith

Contract social media coordinator.

Volunteer Media
Social Media Coordinator | Contract

Video is social media in 2020.

Social Media Marketing

In a world full of fast results, I focus on quality results. Building social media relationships with the target market, not just any market. - H.James Yelland

Big businesses are starting to realize the potential of Social Media Marketing and the power of building a community of loyal customers through modern Social Tools. A way to reach and engage with the target market where the target market is keen to participate and be engaged with.

I have built Social Communities for brands from 3K - 30K (1 year) For a niche market, that is a large direct sales funnel with loyal customers who can provide key marketing data for better marketing decisions.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing at a University Level

University educated and business experience combined to get results. The process is a long-term high level, usually projects last years most suitable for fortune 500 companies, or soon to be fortune 500's.


Research what is needed and the KPI's that will be measured.


Detailed planning of the what so that the how makes dollars and cents.


Developing digital solutions such as web pages, web applications, custom video and social media assets.

A/B Testing and Repeat

A key ingredient is understanding what is working and why. Then to successfully repeat and make adjustments towards the end goal.


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West Vancouver B.C.
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